Staff Pick: SALES

Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day; sunny, 75°, and just the right amount of breezy. You and your friends want to go on an adventure, so you get in the car, open all the windows and start driving. Something is missing, but what could it be? The tunes of course! The radio is getting old, and the mix CD your brother gave you for your birthday last year has been played so many times that the scratches on the disc can be seen from miles away. “Let’s listen to this band I heard the other day,” your friend suggests, “I think they’re called SNAILS!”

The band is actually called SALES, a light and airy duo consisting of Orlando natives Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. They’ve been making music since 2013, with high popularity on the internet and music blogs such as Stereogum. Their music is incomparable to any other band putting stuff out right now, with a sound that is soothing and sure to grant any listener a sense of lo-fi euphoria. Morgan’s voice is unique and upbeat, and pairs well with the duo’s acoustic vibe and synth buzz. SALES take our upstairs stage on May 1st, you do not want to miss this!

-Jill Calhoun, Marketing Intern

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