November Staff Picks

November is almost here and we’ve got a killer lineup for you! Check out some of the highlights below & on our Spotify playlist.

JD McPherson makes his WCL return on November 5! The rural Oklahoma native has drawn inspiration from everything from Little Richard to the Wu-Tang-Clan to Led Zeppelin, giving him a unique retro sound that lies somewhere between rock & roll, R&B, and 1950s rockabilly.

Favorite Tracks: Lucky Penny, Let The Good Times Roll, North Side Gal

Coming to our upstairs stage on November 8 are JD Eicher & Sawyer Fredericks! Eicher has been playing guitar since age 12 and has four albums and a live EP full of catchy pop-rock tunes. Fredericks is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter who won the 8th season of The Voice in 2015, making him the youngest winner in series history at age 16. This co-headline show will be a fun night of music you will not want to miss!

Favorite Tracks from JD Eicher: Two By Two, The Little Bit, Aaron, This Heart

Favorite Tracks from Sawyer Fredericks: What I’ve Done, Not Coming Home, Take It All, This Fire

Come check out Mary Lambert on our upstairs stage November 14! Lambert taught herself to play piano and write songs at age 6 as an escape from her traumatic and abusive household. Her emotional and revealing songs speak of the struggles she faced as a child, and her live shows are described as “safe spaces where crying is acceptable and even encouraged.”

Favorite Tracks: She Keeps Me Warm, Know Your Name, So Far Away, Secrets, When You Sleep

On November 22 we welcome Philly up-and-comers, the Chris Paterno Band! This energetic eight-piece is a little bit of rock and roll and funk and soul, all rolled into one. Come dance the night away while supporting local music!

Favorite Tracks: Gorgeous, Unfaithful

Loudon Wainwright III returns on November 29! With his witty, self-mocking lyrical style, Wainwright has recorded 23 studio albums since 1970. Wainwright’s songs are often deeply personal with a twist of humor, making his live shows as entertaining are they are meaningful.

Favorite Tracks: The Swimming Song, In C, Middle Of The Night, Daughter

The Alternate Routes are back on November 30! With their latest record “Live In Pawling” and a new single “Stronger,” are available now! These guys always put on a great show, so don’t miss this special co-headline with Nick Fradiani!

Favorite Tracks: All That I See, Nothing More, Ordinary, Desdemona (Featuring Patty Griffin)


Now Hiring: Winter/Spring Marketing Interns

Want to get your start in the music industry? We’re looking for some awesome interns to join our team this winter/spring! Session runs from January through May, dates are flexible. You’ll be working directly under our Marketing Manager. Read a full description below and apply here.

Generate content for venue blog and social media outlets
Enter relevant data into marketing spreadsheet
Archive press clips from print and online media
Research marketing and cross-promotional opportunities
Coordinate and distribute street team materials
Display and maintain in-house promotional materials
Update promotional website listings
Write press releases for upcoming shows to be distributed to media outlets

Google Docs, Spreadsheets
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Strong written and organization skills
Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with a team
Interest in music/familiarity with Philadelphia music scene
Flexible schedule: available to work at least 10 hours/week

College credit, if applicable
Opportunity to attend concerts
Gain experience with a wide variety of music and events
Make valuable connections in the music industry

Submit your application here.

Staff Pick: Noah Gundersen 10/22

Coming to WCL on Sunday, October 22nd is Seattle-based singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen. With his quiet, unique voice and deep lyrics, his music offers his heart on a string.

His latest record, White Noise, has taken Gundersen into a new musical direction, expanding his sound from acoustic/folk music with few frills, to a wall-of-sound production style record which features electric guitars, drums, progressive synth, and bass on many tracks. Gundersen has called his latest venture a “sensory overload.” “Fear, anxiety, desire, sex, lust, love. White Noise is the place between waking and dreaming, where the edges blur and the light is strange. It’s a car crash, it’s a drowning, it’s everything all the time.”

His upcoming tour is sure to be one you will not want to miss. Tickets are available here.

Interview: Conjunto Philadelphia

Our monthly Havana Nights series features authentic Cuban cuisine, cocktails, and music courtesy of Philly’s most exciting Cuban band, Conjunto Philadelphia. If you haven’t been to one yet, we’ve got three Fridays left for the year – October 6, November 3, & December 1. Admission is FREE but reservations are recommended. We caught up with Conjunto’s Musical Director Jeff Torchon – read the full interview below!

WCL: What inspired you to start studying Cuban music and how did you come to form the band Conjunto?

Jeff: It’s been close to ten years now since I started pursuing my passion for Cuban music. During my freshman year of college at Temple University, I was introduced to the Buena Vista Social Club documentary. This film tells the story of older Cuban musicians who were forgotten about after the Cuban Revolution and chronicles their work to showcase Cuban music throughout the world towards the end of the twentieth century. The music resonated with me in such a way no music had ever done before. It was infectious, intriguing, innovative, and – most of all – magical. The sounds were a melting pot of West African, European and Spanish cultures, and this piqued my curiosity – I just had to know more.

I spent a great deal of time exploring Cuban music by listening to recordings, learning the songs on the piano and reading about the music. In 2010, I brought together a group of local jazz musicians and held a concert at a local jazz club performing the music of the Buena Vista Social Club. This was my first public foray into the music and it was a success. After this concert, I had the impetus to travel to Cuba to continue my studies. It was not easy at the time for a college student to travel to Cuba on his own, so I did the next best thing in my mind – I traveled to Miami to research and study Cuban music with musicians in Little Havana. I studied with some amazing Cuban musicians and learned about so much more that Cuba had to offer than the Buena Vista Social Club. My eyes were open to the incredible wealth of music that existed from Cuba – Miguel Matamoros, Beny More, Arsenio Rodriguez, Orquesta América, Enrique Jorrín – and how that music influenced Jazz and other popular music in our country. I came back to Philadelphia with an even stronger passion for Cuban music – wanting to formalize the band that I had put together earlier that year as well as find a way to travel to Cuba legally.

I was able to officially found, Conjunto Philadelphia, my Cuban music group that performs regularly in the Philadelphia area and has become my outlet for exploring Cuban music. This band still exists today and performs all around the Philadelphia region. Our mission is to pay homage to Cuba’s deep and treasured musical history and perform it in a way that is true to its origins. The band, after having been together for seven years now, is an active organization within the Philadelphia area. We have performed at Chris’ Jazz Café, Longwood Gardens, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Penn Museum, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival in Cape May, and the World Cafe Live (where we perform on the first Friday of each month for their Havana Nights Cuban music series). We have gained a strong following in the region and are lucky to be one of the few groups performing this type of music. You can visit our website for upcoming concert dates or for more information about the band:

Your Master’s thesis was on “Cha-cha-cha”! Can you tell us a little about this and how do people react when you say you’re a master in Cha-Cha-Cha!

Yes! This was an incredible experience. Here is my abstract from my Thesis:

One of the most distinctive musical genres that originated in Cuba over the last century has been Cha-Cha-Chá, which was created by Enrique Jorrín in the 1950s. The popularity of this music has grown considerably since its genesis, evidenced by the vast array of repertoire associated with the style of music, the multitude of bands performing it and its prevalence in popular culture. The music has traveled the world via aural transmission; advances in technology have helped to disseminate Cha-Cha-Chá and have contributed to its prevalence. Very little research—particularly research written in the English language—exists on this genre and its creator. Due to its musical significance and social impact, it is important to understand Cha-Cha-Chá’s place in modern Cuba and how it has been preserved over time. The purpose of this study is to discuss Enrique Jorrín’s influence on the creation and performance of Cha-Cha-Chá, and to discuss the importance of Cha-Cha-Chá in American music education.

What many people don’t realize is that the Cha-Cha-Chá is a uniquely Cuban music and dance style that originated on the island in the early 1950’s. It comes out of the Danzón style of music that was popular in Cuba during 1940s. These rhythms were tweaked and evolved to become what is known today as Cha-Cha-Chá. My Thesis not only explored the musical style of Cha-Cha-Chá, how it developed and was created, but also how it could be incorporated and used in music education here in the United States. Since my degree was in Music Education and I am a full-time music teacher (Middle and High School) at Germantown Friends School, this connection between Cuban music and Music Education seemed timely and appropriate.

You’ve traveled to Cuba many times, describe some of your musical experiences there.

My trips to Cuba have been incredible. I was also able to travel to Cuba and have since taken five trips to the island. Most of my adventures were categorized as people-to-people trips by the US government and allowed me to explore the music, culture and history of the island. These trips all consisted of a detailed itinerary set by the tour company that promoted cultural exchange between the participants and the Cuban people. We were not able to deviate from these itineraries during the day due to US regulations on Cuba travel (these regulations are still in place today). We were able to go out to hear music at night on the trips – we heard some incredible music! While these trips were enlightening, I did not have the freedom I would have liked to explore on my own. Luckily, I was able to travel to Cuba again as a graduate researcher and was able to move about freely to explore. I interviewed many musicians about their musical experiences, studied the music in-depth, and truly created an engaging and holistically musical experience for myself. The knowledge that I brought back contributed to the writing of my Masters Thesis on Cuban Cha-Cha-Chá and its implications for use in United States Music Education as well as my general understanding and studies of Cuban music.

One of the highlights of my trips was the ability to interact with Cuban musicians in the various music clubs, bars and restaurants. So many of these places have live music in Cuba and it was so incredible to listen to the music (all traditional Son, Cha-Cha-Chá and Bolero) as well as share that I am a jazz pianist from Philadelphia and like Cuban music. As soon as I mentioned that, I was invited to play with them. Much to the shock of many of the musicians I met, I was able to play the Cuban songs that they knew and played regularly! We had a lot of fun in those moments. One place in particular, Café Paris, which is a small club/bar in Old Havana, gave me the opportunity to play many times during my travels. I had gone in there a few years back on one of my first trips to play and then hadn’t been back for a few years. When my wife and I went back to Havana in December 2016, we went to Café Paris. I hadn’t remembered the musicians’ names or anything at all and we were just listening from our seats. The bass player made eye contact with me and motioned as if to ask me if I wanted to play the keyboard. I nodded my head and he invited me up. He didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak enough Spanish to have a full conversation – but we communicated with the language of music. It was pretty awesome!

How’s the food?

The food is wonderful. Cuba has a unique endeavor called Paladars. These are privately-owned restaurants (which is not very common in Cuba because everything is owned by the government). These restaurants started out being 3 or 4 tables in people’s private houses (living rooms). Now, many Paladars are what we would consider in the US to be normal restaurants with full dining rooms and reservations taken well in advance. The food is heavy with rice and beans, seafood and meat. These Paladars get quality ingredients from local organic farms and have great tasting food. The food isn’t always the spiciest because of lack of resources, but it is quite good!

Do they really drink mojitos in Cuba?

Yes! The Mojito is a very popular drink in Cuba and Rum is very cheap in Cuba. While Mojitos are popular among the tourists, I’m not sure how many Cubans drink Mojitos as opposed to straight Rum (Havana Club brand – which you can bring back from Cuba now!). Sugar is one of Cuba’s largest crops and because of that, it is cheap to have and cheap to make rum as well.

List the 5 essential artists/albums you would recommend to introduce people to Cuban music and why they are so important.

Beny More – one of greatest band leaders and vocalists ever to come out of Cuba. Popular in the 1940s – he was the lead singer for his own group that had a banda gigantic (big band) similar to the Jazz Big Bands. Popular song to check out: “Como Fue”

Arsenio Rodriguez – popular três guitar player in Cuba in the 1940s and the 1950s. Great dance band that would perform all over Cuba, and especially in Havana. Ruben Gonzalez, pianist of the Buena Vista Social Club, got his start in this band. Arsenio’s group was the original “Conjunto” format, incorporating the piano and tres as well as Congas into an ensemble with the clave rhythm being very much a part of the groove. Popular song: “Rincón Caliente”

Buena Vista Social Club – this iconic group from the mid-1990s brought traditional Cuban music (Son, Cha-Cha-Chá, Bolero and Danzón) back into the world spotlight. Musicians in this group were some of the most famous ever to exist in Cuba and were all brought together to perform this timeless music. Notable songs include: “Chan Chan” or “El Cuarto De Tula”

Bebo Valdes – One of the best Cuban pianists ever to live. He was the director of the Tropicana Nightclub orchestra in the 1940s and 1950s – left Cuba shortly after the revolution and ended up in obscurity until the 1990s when he was rediscovered and recorded many albums. He is the father to the great Chucho Valdes and is one of the most underrated Cuban pianists of all time (in my opinion). Song to listen to: “La Comparsa”

Enriqure Jorrín – Known as the creator of Cha-Cha-Chá, he played in both Orquesta America and then his own group, Orquesta Jorrín. Great bandleader and violinist and composer. Notable songs include: “Silver Star” and “La Engañadora”

What’s next for the band? We hear you’re working on an album.

The band and I are currently embarking on a new project to travel to Cuba and share our music with the Cuban people. This cultural exchange opportunity would be an amazing chance to bridge our two cultures and tear down the walls of politics, bringing us together as humans to share music and cultural ideas. It would also be an incredible opportunity for us to show the Cuban people that a group of musicians from the United States is trying to uphold their musical heritage to the best of our ability. While in Cuba, we plan to record the band’s first album at EGREM studios, where the Buena Vista Social Club recorded their music in the 1990s. This is also the studio where many other famous Cuban musicians recorded their music during the twentieth century. If you are interested in helping us achieve this project, please consider giving to our GoFundMe project at

We love it, you love it, why should everyone love Conjunto’s Havana Nights at WCL?

Havana Nights have really become a great way for Conjunto Philadelphia to bring their music to World Cafe Live and reach a wider audience. The nights have been packed with reservations at the tables and full dance floors as well. It’s really quite a success and we are looking forward to continuing to offer our music at World Cafe Live moving forward. Each time we do Havana Nights we make it more and more culturally connected to Cuban culture. There are Cuban drink specials, Cuban food specials that hint at Cuban food items, a place for folks to dance to the Cuban rhythms and sounds and a band (the only one in Philadelphia) that performs solely the music of Cuba from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. We are honored to be a part of this event series and can’t wait to play again!


After a snow storm caused the cancellation of his March 2017 show, WCL is thrilled to welcome back Nashville singer-songwriter Will Hoge to our downstairs stage this Wednesday, September 20th! With 9 studio albums and 3 EP’s which showcase the evolution of his music from full-band rock ‘n’ roll to solo country artist, Hoge has kept up a relentless touring schedule over the past 16 years, sometimes playing more than 200 shows in a year. While he had built up a loyal fan base throughout these years, it wasn’t until 2012 when he suddenly found himself in the spotlight, when Eli Young Band hit #1 on the Billboard Country chart with their recording of his song “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” Soon he was earning nominations at the CMA, ACM, and GRAMMY awards, playing gigs at the Grand Ole Opry and The Late Show with David Letterman, and earning a steady paycheck by writing songs for other artists. The songs on his latest album, Anchors, are the result of a man who found himself uninspired by the redundancy of being in a band, so he made the decision to let his band go and tour the country by himself with just a guitar and a keyboard. As a result, he found himself feeling reenergized by his newfound freedom as a songwriter and performer, which fueled the creation of some of his strongest work to date.

Supporting Will Hoge is former Augustana front man, Dan Layus. After putting out four albums with the (now disbanded) rock band from 2003-2011, Layus recently began his solo venture as a country artist. His debut album, Dangerous Things, which was released in 2016 and features several tracks with singing duo The Secret Sisters adding harmonies, is some of his most personal work to date. Over the last couple of years, he has been given some incredible opportunities to expose his music to new audiences, with gigs opening for country superstars the Dixie Chicks and pop sensation One Direction. Dan Layus bears his heart and soul in his songs and on stage, and this special tour with Will Hoge is one not to be missed! Tickets are still available.

-Nicole Sipple, Marketing Intern

September Preview

September is quickly approaching, which means we’re about to return to the grind of work and school. Though this may sound daunting, don’t worry- World Cafe Live has some awesome shows to help keep you occupied when you need a break from it all. Next month’s shows offer a diverse range of genres, from classic rock, to jazz, folk, and blues. Take a listen to our Spotify Playlist for September to hear for yourself —

Birdtalker “Heavy” (September 13)

Nashville based indie-folk rock group Birdtalker have a knack for creating poetic lyrics and beautiful harmonies that flow smoothly with the music. “Heavy” is the first song that the group wrote together and recorded, which sparked the composition of the remainder of their 2016 debut EP, Just This. Their charming sound melds the melodic sense of indie rock with the more intimate and quiet sound of acoustic folk music.

Zealyn “Talk: Listen” (September 19)

“Talk: Listen,” from Zealyn’s 2016 album Limbic System, has an alternative electronic sound that is organic and unique. Zealyn, otherwise known as Angie Miller, began her musical career as a contestant on American Idol Season 12. After placing third on the show, she came out with her debut album, Weathered, in 2014. Zealyn will embark on a five week tour around the entire US beginning September 12, and we are incredibly excited to have her play at World Cafe Live.

Philly Music and Arts Fest (September 22-23)

“The Festival is both a testament and celebration of the exploding music scene in Philadelphia and a showcase of up and coming artists”

The Philly music scene is “eclectic and blossoming,” so what better way to celebrate it than have a festival featuring only local bands? In addition to live music, the festival will highlight the food, beer, and arts of Philadelphia. You don’t want to miss it!

Check out some of the artists who will be performing at the show:

Strand of Oaks- “Goshen ‘97

Slomo Sapiens- “Fangs

Harmony Woods- “Renovations

Pine Barons- “Telescope

Sea Offs- “Leave

-Dana Schwartz, Marketing Intern

Interview: Good Old War (8/3)

Fresh off the release of the first of three EP’s set to come out this summer, Philly’s very own Good Old War will take the stage on Thursday, August 3rd for a show you don’t want to miss! We conducted an interview with the band members to help you get to know more about these talented musicians.

What is your creative process like for writing songs, and how has your dynamic as a group evolved since the release of your first album, Only Way to Be Alone?

Dan Schwartz: We almost always start with an idea one of us has brought in in various stages of completion. Usually Keith or I will have a song in the works and then we flesh it out together. We’ve always felt that the music comes out better when everyone in the band is a part of its creation. I’d say more than anything, we’ve gotten better and better at helping each other realize songs that have been brought in. 

Keith Goodwin: When we made Only Way to Be Alone, Good Old War and Come Back as Rain, Dan and I brought in complete songs and we would make minor changes to them together with the exception of a handful of songs we wrote together. 

During the writing process for Broken Into Better Shape the label asked us to work with some outside writers. Being in a room with other talented songwriters helped us realize our individual strong suits and where we could use a little help. 

Since then everything we’ve been writing has been much more collaborative from the very beginning of the writing process.  We are way more open to taking ideas to new places and trying any idea to get to the best version of the song. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Dan: Yeah, we always huddle up and just put our heads together and say this thing, “toi toi,” which is something Tim’s sister told us is an opera thing. I’m not even sure if it is but we’ve been saying it for so long that it would be impossible to play a show without saying it. It would be like going out the door without your pants on or something. 

You guys have toured alongside diverse artists such as Alison Krauss, Guster, Brandi Carlile, and Dr. Dog! What were some of the highlights, and do you have any other artists you aspire to perform with?

Dan: Every tour has its highlights and we’ve been so lucky to tour with such incredible and diverse acts. Dr. Dog has been one of our favorite bands since Easy Beat and we’ve always thought of them as one of the best bands in the world. we would just watch their soundcheck in awe. Alison Krauss was incredibly professional and we basically went to school on that tour, both musically and how to be a pro act. Brandi and her band are the kindest people and treated us so warmly. Her fans are just unreal as well. I’d say the same for Guster, who we’ve had the opportunity to tour with more than once. They just rule. I’d personally do anything to tour with Punch Brothers. They are the greatest live band I’ve ever seen.

Keith: Dr. Dog makes killer Matte in a cooler they call Matte Man. 

On the first day of tour with Brandi she came into our dressing room while we were huddled up singing through some songs and she listened for a while and hung out like we’ve known each other forever. That really made us feel welcomed and comfortable right away. 

I have a vivid memory of being in Boise Idaho with Alison Krauss. We were soundchecking our song Window and at the end when the drums kick in I looked out into the yard and Alison was horse galloping across the field in front of the stage and doing twirls. Meanwhile Dan Tyminski was watching from stage left and Ron Block was on stage jamming along with his banjo. Also on the last night Jerry Douglas came out during our set and ripped an awesome solo over our song Loud Love.  

All of the guys from Guster gave me great advice on fatherhood when I was about to have my first son Louis. 

Would love to tour with Dawes, Lucius and so many more.

Speaking of touring, you played some shows in Europe for the first time last year! Did the crowds there differ from those in the US, and did your experiences abroad have any impact on your new music?

Dan: The crowds were great. We were opening for Brian Fallon who was the lead singer for Gaslight Anthem. They were one of the first bands to take us out on a long tour and we’ve always loved those guys. My only wish is that we could have gone out there full band and shown them what we were made of. We played acoustic, just Keith and I-which was great but without Tim on drums and vocals it felt like we were missing a crucial element of our band. Now that Tim’s back, I can’t wait to get back out there and rock again.

As Philly natives, you have witnessed the changes and growth of the music scene here over the past few years. How do you feel about the current state of the Philly music scene and where do you see it going?

Dan: I’m not totally sure we’re qualified to say. I’d love to say we grew out of the scene here but we basically started out as a touring act and have continued that path the whole time we’ve been around. That said, I absolutely love the bands I see coming up. The Districts are obviously amazing, as well as the Lawsuits, Levee Drivers, Ali Wadsworth and I used to be in a band together and she’s got the kind of voice that stops you in your tracks. I hope that Philly can become the kind of place where you can rise to the top of the scene and break out nationally. We certainly have enough talent going around for labels to start to take notice.

What is your favorite song to perform live?

Dan: That changes all the time. Obviously playing the songs people know best and sing every word to are always going to be a blast because you see joy in a crowd. But also getting to play a song with such great players as Tim and Keith can make lesser known songs incredibly fun to play. We have a song called Woodies Hood Boogie Woogie that’s like that. It’s just so fun to be in a band with these guys and that song shows some of our best elements. Three part harmony the whole time, a rockin beat, a drum solo, an electric guitar solo and 12 string. Plus Keith’s lyrics are awesome. It’s just the kind of thing that is so uniquely us. 

Keith: I really love playing Amazing Eyes. It feels so good to sing it.          

Where’s your favorite place to grab coffee?

Dan: Milkcrate Cafe on Girard! It’s the best. Plus it’s a record store!


-Interview conducted by Dana Schwartz, Marketing Intern

Now Hiring: Fall Marketing Internship

Want to get your start in the music industry? We’re looking for some awesome interns to join our team this fall! You’ll be working directly under our Marketing Manager.

Google Docs, Spreadsheets
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Strong written and organization skills
Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with a team
Interest in music/familiarity with Philadelphia music scene
Flexible schedule: available to work at least 10 hours/week

Generate content for venue blog and social media outlets
Write press releases for upcoming shows to be distributed to media outlets
Enter relevant data into marketing spreadsheet
Archive press clips from print and online media
Research marketing and cross-promotional opportunities
Coordinate and distribute street team materials
Display and maintain in-house promotional materials
Update promotional website listings

College credit, if applicable
Opportunity to attend concerts
Gain experience with a wide variety of music and events
Make valuable connections in the music industry

Submit your application here.

Staff Pick: Dia Frampton 7/9

From NBC’s hit show The Voice, Dia Frampton is coming to World Cafe Live to light up the stage on July 9th at 8 pm! With her unique and captivating voice combined with brooding lyrics and melodies swirling around concepts of life, love and loss, it’s no surprise she quickly stole the hearts of Americans nationwide. Dia Frampton started her music career with her sister, Meg, as the duo Meg & Dia, before Dia took to her journey as the eventual runner up on the first season of The Voice. Dia instantly captured the attention of viewers with her eccentric and vastly different renditions of songs by Kanye West as well as R.E.M., which both became the highest charting iTunes digital songs by any contestant on The Voice at the time. Her own original song “Inventing Shadows” topped the charts at No. 1. Shortly after, her infectious energy led her to win the title of Entertainment Weekly’s 2011 “Favorite Reality Show Personality.” After her time on The Voice, she released an EP with a band she had formed called Archis, and is currently embarking on her solo career that hasn’t slowed down, with her latest album Bruises debuting this past March. The album starts with two uplifting tunes “Hope” and “Out of the Dark,” one being instrumental and one not, but both inciting a feeling of renewal and resilience. The two songs set the tone, a very nostalgic and cinematic one at that, for the rest of the album. One of my personal favorites off of the album is “White Dress,” which has an eerie melody laced with droning harmonies that really forces you- in the way music should- to feel the message she’s trying to convey. Don’t miss your chance to see her in our intimate downstairs venue here at World Cafe Live!

-Rachel Goldstein

Coming Up In July

Is there a better way to welcome July than coming to hear some live music? Didn’t think so. Check out our monthly Spotify Playlist to familiarize yourself with these talented artists!

Tank and the Bangas “Oh Heart” (July 11)

From Tank and the Bangas 2013 album, Think Tank, “Oh Heart” is the perfect blend of rhythmic soul and spoken word. Unique instrumentation paired with the various musical techniques of the Bangas is what makes them one of the most distinctive groups to emerge from New Orleans. It’s not surprising that NPR recently named the band as the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest Winners- their style is unlike any other. Hope you got your tickets to their July 11th show because it’s sold out!

Okkervil River “Lost Coastlines” (July 26)

“Lost Coastlines,” from Okkervil River’s album The Stand Ins, features the beautiful voice of lead singer Will Sheif, as well as layered string and horn instrumentation. With a sound similar to Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decembrists, this indie-rock and folk-rock group makes music that is easy on your ears. Their 2016 album, “Away” was deemed one of the best records of 2016 by media including Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic. In order to promote this new album, the group has announced a special limited run of intimate acoustic trio shows, and we’re excited to host their performance.

FORQ “Starchy” (July 31)

With Rudder founder Henry Hey on keyboards, Snarky Puppy founder and Grammy Award-winner Michael League on bass, Foe Destroyer founder and fellow Snarky Puppy member Chris McQueen on guitar, and Jason “JT” Thomas on drums, FORQ is an, “all-star ensemble of sorts – but with the spirit and cohesiveness of a garage band.” Straight off their debut album, FORQ, “Starchy” is an upbeat and catchy tune with the same playful and soulful energy which characterizes the rest of their music. Come to World Cafe Live to see them on their first-ever international tour!

-Dana Schwartz, Marketing Intern